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How to Print PDF via Command Line?

2Printer command line tool can print PDF, HTML, JPG, DOC, XLS, PPS and other files used in document workflow in practically every office!

Although there are many ways of saving documents electronically, most office workers still need to print a large number of documents daily. Inconveniences arise here not just because of the waste of paper, but also in the printing process itself.

Document printing seems quite simple: open the document and click the "print" button, or right-click the document selecting the printing function. It seems easy, but not so if there are hundreds of documents that need to be printed as an everyday necessity – it turns into a huge waste of time!

There are not too many resources available that can simplify the printing process. Adobe Reader for PDF documents is quite convenient for opening them, but won’t help of there are lots of PDF files to be printed. Windows Explorer can give a helping hand in some situations: open the Windows Explorer, select PDF files, then right click the selected area and click "print". The documents will be printed automatically, but only if there are no more than 15 files to be printed.

Looks like Microsoft does not plan to introduce any innovations in this respect, that's why it's quite reasonable to seek additional resources for printing.

2Printer has been developed specifically for making the batch printing of documents easy and convenient. It's a command line tool using visual basic and java scripts to automate the printing process of any number of documents without any limitations. 2Printer can be easily integrated into any office environment thanks to its ease of use.

Here is an example showing how easy it is to print all the PDF files from a folder:

2Printer.exe -s "C:\Input\*.pdf" -prn "Xerox 2250"

2Printer command line tool is free for non-commercial purposes and is compatible with any printer, be it private or corporate, and connected to the computer by any possible means.