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How to Batch Print PDF Files?

With 2Printer tool you can print PDF files from Windows command line. This ability is required if system integrator need to automate printing of documents in workflow system you deployed. Or if software developer wants to release PDF printing feature in his software product.

At the first, you need to know correct name of the printer installed on your computer. Please follow this manual to get list of installed printers.

To print PDF files from a folder, click Win+R. Then enter command line like you see below and click Enter.

2Printer.exe -s "C:\In\*.PDF" -prn "Canon MP610"

In case if you want to print PDF files on the system default printer, just skip the printer name parameter in the 2Printer command line:

2Printer.exe -s "C:\In\*.PDF"

To batch print PDF files listed in a text file, please use another command line:

2Printer.exe -l "C:\files-list.txt" -prn "Canon MP610"

You also can save different command lines as VBScript files and use them depending on the situation. VB Script example:

Set objShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
objShell.Run """2printer.exe"" -s ""C:\In\*.PDF"" -prn ""Canon MP610""",1,True
Set objShell = Nothing

Also you can add the 2Printer call to Windows Task Sceduler if you want to print PDF documents saved in specified folder in regular basis. For example your employees may save all documents in a shared network folder during a day and Windows Task Sceduler will run 2Printer to print all collected files when all people went home after the workday.

Software developers can use 2Printer tool as ready printing core component in theyr own software product. Here is an example to use 2Printer in Visual C++ source code:

ShellExecute(NULL, "open", "2printer.exe", "-src \"C:\\In\\*.pdf\" -prn \"Canon MP610\"", NULL, SW_HIDE)