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Print PDF via Command Line using new 2Printer Software version!

Alexandria, VA – December 3, 2014.

The new version of the command line printing utility has just been released by fCoder Group, Inc. 2Printer version 4.5 can automate printing documents saved as Microsoft PowerPoint PPS, PPSX and Java files as well as the vast variety of other popular formats.

2Printer is based on the command line functionality, and for this reason is mostly appreciated by IT specialists. The tool is able to automate everyday printing tasks by means of VB scripts, CMD files and Windows Task Scheduler. System integrators can benefit from professional resources that come along with 2Printer, for example, use it as a printing core for the corporate workflow system. Independent software developers can include 2Printer into their software distribution kit.

2Printer is compatible with all types of printers connected to the computer by different means. The program is able to significantly increase the speed of printing and to simplify printing of a large number of documents at once.

Among the formats supported by 2Printer are PDF, HTML, XPS, XML, texts, drawings, images, and many more file types.

The updated version provides support for the Java files, Microsoft PowerPoint PPS and PPSX presentations. Command line users will be able to specify the number of printed documents and change it if necessary. For example:

2Printer.exe -s "C:\Input\*.PDF" -prn "Xerox 2050" -copies 5

2Printer is free for non-commercial purposes. The price of the commercial license is $149. Discounting policy implies purchasing 5 or more licenses.

2Printer command line tool for batch printing any number of documents can be downloaded at: