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How to Auto Print PDF Files and other Documents

Without the right software tools, printing multiple PDF files and Microsoft Office documents can be a time consuming and profit reducing task in today's office environment. The team at fCoder understands this problem and has designed several products to save time, cut expenses and optimize and office's workflow scheme.

Print Documents in Batch Mode

The idea behind Print Conductor is to print multiple documents with minimal user intervention. Employee only need to drag files into Print Conductor's main window and that's it. PDF files, Microsoft Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel worksheets, HTML and image files, Autodesk AutoCAD drawings, and more can be printed in hardly any time at all and with no special skills required.

Employees can change the order files print, if needed, choose an active printer and click the "Start" button. Print Conductor immediately begins the job and automatically prints all documents.

Office employees no longer need to open a file, print it; open the next one, print; and so on. Print Conductor makes batch printing a routine task and frees up employees to concentrate on the most important parts of their work!

Server-side Printing Automation

Although extremely powerful and useful, in some cases Print Conductor's level of printing automation may not be enough. Allowing employees to choose a printer, and change printing preferences introduces opportunities for mistakes and wasted time. More importantly, these mistakes can result in excessive costs for paper, toner, and electricity.

If this is similar to your office environment you will want to take advantage of FolderMill. The idea behind FolderMill is to hide settings from end users to remove the "human factor" from the printing process. This eliminates the possibility of mistakes and ensures documents are printed properly and at the right time, every time.

FolderMill is installed on a print-server computer within an office. To print documents, employees simple copy them to a shared network folder. FolderMill monitors this "hot folder" and prints all files placed into the folder. All of the documents placed into the "hot folder" are printed based on the settings and configurations setup within FolderMill. No more opportunities for errors, no more wasted paper or toner, and all your documents can print when electricity is the least expensive!

Folder can even be configured to perform different printing tasks for each "hot folder". For example, folders can be setup for "Text Documents to HP MFU", "CAD files to plotter", "Business card printing" and so on.

All the employee needs to do is copy documents to the corresponding folder and pick up their documents from the printer tray!

Scripting of the Printing Activity

2Printer is a command line tool for printing PDF files, images, drawings and documents. This product is great for software developers and IT consulting companies. With 2Printer as a printing core in workflow systems, companies will find even higher levels of automation that tools like FolderMill provide.

Moreover, 2Printer can be configured to work with Windows Tasks Scheduler print at night, when electricity is at its lowest rate.

In addition, 2Printer may be included in any software distribution kit and be used by software developers as a fast and reliable printing component!