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How to Get List of Installed Printers

2Printer software can print documents on the printer only if is connected to the computer, printer driver is correctly installed and power is on. 2Printer can use local printers connected to the computer via USB, WiFi connected printers and network printers.

You need to know correct printer name defined in your operation system. To get list of correctly named printers, please do following:

  1. Click Win+R
  2. Type cmd and click Enter to open Microsoft Windows console window
  3. Copy command line you see below and click Enter
    2Printer.exe -getprnlist

After this you should get list like you see on this screenshot:

list of printers

Please use printer names exactly the same like 2Printer enumerated them. For example:

2Printer.exe -s "C:\In\*.PDF" -prn "Canon MP610 series Printer"