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2Printer 7.1: Better Printing of PDF, Excel, DWG, DXF, XML, TXT Files, Performance Improvements, and Fixed Issues

2Printer lets you automate printing of documents by creating your own commands to be executed from any CLI or a batch file (e.g., .bat or .cmd). Our command-line printing tool has been upgraded to version 7.1 – with new improvements and features.

New format supported: KOMPAS-3D 

A new CAD drawing format is supported – KOMPAS-3D. Now, 2Printer can process file types *.cdw, *.spw, *.kdw made in the KOMPAS-3D CAD system.

See the full list of supported formats

New scaling mode: zoom level

Now you can set up page scaling as a percentage of the original size. This setting allows you to increase or decrease the size of document pages before printing. By default, zoom level is set to 100% (original page or file size).

Scale pages before batch printing them with 2Printer

By the way…

You can also set other scaling modes using the parameters and values scale:shrink, scale:fit, scale:asis, scale:fill. You can do it either by building a command using syntax or set a specific scaling as default via 2Printer Settings

Ability to rotate files before printing

The new 2Printer 7.1 can rotate document pages or images before printing them. For example, you can flip them horizontally or vertically or define an angle to set page rotation to a specific degree.


2Printer.exe -src "C:\In\*.*" -prn "Zebra ZP450" -oper rotate angle:180

There's a new feature for printing XLS, XLSX, CSV Excel files – now you can add row and column numbers (1, 2, 3…; A, B, C…) to the output printed pages. 

Another useful feature for those who print Excel files in bulk. Now you can select what 2Printer should do with comments (if they are present in your spreadsheets). Three modes are available for printing comments in Excel spreadsheets: at the end of the sheet, the way they appear on the sheet, or printing without comments.

Now you can print plain text files in direct mode. When it's on, 2Printer will send your files directly to the desired printer, without intermediate steps. 

Print TXT files in "direct" mode

To set the direct mode for text files, open 2Printer Settings > Print engine > find TEXT and select DirectPrintHelper in the dropdown menu.

Sometimes files that need printing have no extension or incorrect extension and may not be recognized by 2Printer. But you can associate such files with any file type supported by 2Printer

In the new version, you can do it even if your files have no extension. For example, if you have text in their structure, you can associate them with TXT format. As a result, 2Printer will treat them as TXT files and process them accordingly. You can configure file associations in 2Printer Settings > File extension aliases.

Setting color background for text watermark

In the new version, we've added the ability to change the background color of a text watermark so that you can customize it for your needs even better. With it, you can fill a rectangle behind the text with the selected color.

Change the background color of a text watermark in 2Printer

Learn how to configure text watermark

Ability to change temporary files location (TEMP folder)

By default, temporary files are stored in the "C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\Temp" folder. Now you can set a new location where 2Printer should keep them. Changing the TEMP folder can help you keep temporary files away from your system drive.

Keeping source files editable when they are being printed

Users could have trouble accessing the files that 2Printer was printing. Now you can open and edit them without having to wait until printing is finished – by checking the box next to Keep source files available for editing. This way, you'll be able to work with your files while they're being printed.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Faster application launch
  • Better printing of DWG, DXF, and PDF files thanks to new and improved components
  • New and improved code for logging;
  • Fixed issue with Windows version detection, especially on Windows 10 system, Windows Server 2016 and 2019;
  • Fixed printing of CAD drawings via SolidWorks API in grayscale mode;
  • Fixed issue with printing headers of MSG and EML email files and their attachments;
  • Fixed issue with printing XML, TXT, and Excel files;
  • Fixed issue with processing files from the hard drive's root folder and subfolders;
  • Fixed issue with processing ZIP and RAR-archived documents.

Free version

2Printer is free for non-commercial purposes and is available for download. 


Commercial version

A commercial license of 2Printer costs $149. Discounts and different licensing options are available. 

If you have 2Printer ver. 1.x - 6.x, you can either continue using it or upgrade to the latest version at a discount of 50%. If you have the commercial version 2Printer 7.0 – please contact us to get this update for free.