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Batch Print Text Files with 2Printer 4.5

Printing plain text, Microsoft Word DOC and DOCX files in batch mode is now possible with 2Printer command line tool.

Printing a large number of text documents in the automatic mode is of demand with large corporations and small businesses. Regardless of the growing electronic document workflow, printing remains a very frequent necessity. Even at schools writing with a pen is not as common, which means teachers and supervisors have to print out quite a few sheets of paper spending a lot of extra time on document printing!

2Printer offers specific approach to printing plain text files. While Notepad is one of the simplest text editors, sometimes there is a bulk of files with TXT extension that should be printed, and it’s not as easy without a specialized application. Flawless printing of text files with 2Printer is possible in batch mode.

Microsoft Company offers Microsoft Office Started Edition for free. Unfortunately, this Microsoft Office version does not provide public API. As a result, customers have to install the commercial version of Microsoft Office Word or its free alternative OpenOffice kit to be able to automate document printing process using 2Printer software.

Regardless of all the improvements 2Printer remains free of charge for non-commercial purposes.

The new version of 2Printer is available to download at: http://www.cmd2printer.com/download

Commercial license costs $149 US and may be ordered at: http://www.cmd2printer.com/order

Claim a discount if buying 5 licenses or more.