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Batch print technical drawings, barcodes and plotter files with the latest 2Printer 5.3

Batch print technical drawings, barcodes and plotter files with the latest 2Printer 5.3! 2Printer is a command-line software for automated printing on Windows. It lets you batch print over 70 types of files including PDF documents, image files and other types of files. 2Printer uses its own engine to print PDF and image files: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PCX, DCX, Bitmap and TGA and third-party software components for other file formats. 2Printer works via the command line, which is launched from the Windows Start menu or with the ‘Win+R’ hotkey. If you prefer graphical user interface - try out our Print Conductor with the similar functionality. You can print all documents from a selected folder and/or at a specific time or you can create an CMD, BAT or Visual Basic script and add it to Windows Task Scheduler. This will allow you to fully automate all your printing tasks. We keep working on 2Printer’s features and you can learn about the new version improvements below.

What’s new?


New formats supported

Along with the filetypes supported, 2Printer now supports more formats:
  • SWF: *.swf. Also known as Small Web Format, it is a file extension for a Shockwave Flash file format created by Macromedia and now owned by Adobe. It is designed for efficient delivery over the web and can contain video and vector based animations or sound.
  • HPGL: *.hp *.hpg *.hpgl. It is a printer control language created by Hewlett-Packard. Initially used by HP plotters, it later became a standard for almost all plotters and printers. 2Printer 5.3 supports both HPGL/1 and HPGL/2.
  • PLT: *.plt. PLT file extension is most commonly associated with the Autodesk AutoCAD software application. The PLT files that are used by CAD software contain vector graphic plotter files. Other applications also use the .plt extension for plotter files, such as the HP Graphics Language and OziExplorer software applications.

Ability to print barcodes - Zebra ZPL files

This is a useful feature if you need to batch print 1D or 2D industrial barcodes, labels or QR-codes. 2Printer can now print in bulk any ZPL files created, for example, in Labelary ZPL viewer. With this editor you can create new raw ZPL from scratch or check the appearance of a label as well.

Ability to print very large files (700+ Mb)

We’ve improved 2Printer’s engine, so now it does not choke on very large files. Make sure that you can have your large files processed, e.g. professionally made PSD images or multipage PDFs.

Ability to add the filename of a printed document in its header or footer

This feature speaks for itself - now you can have the title of a document printed in the header or footer on every page of a printed copy. This can help you easily sort out all the printed files.

Compatibility with eDrawings Viewer (2017 version)

It is a useful feature if you work with technical drawings. 2Printer now supports files associated with eDrawings viewer (2017 version). This viewer can open eDrawings, SolidWorks (SLDPRT, SLDASM, SLDDRW) and AutoCAD DWG and DXF files. All you need to do is have a free version of eDrawings Viewer installed to print these types of files. You don’t need to purchase AutoCAD or SolidWorks or other CAD software to print DWG or DXF files or other drawings in bulk.


Increased print speed for PDF, PSD, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, Bitmap and GIF files

We’ve improved the printing engine core of 2Printer like in the latest Print Conductor. Now you can have your PDF or image files printed faster without any loss in quality.

Ability to autofit every page of a PDF document according to paper sheet size

For instance, you have a multipage PDF file with large-scale and small-scale images inside. If your printer or plotter supports different paper sheet sizes, 2Printer 5.3 will automatically fit every filepage properly in line with the size of the paper sheet.

Ability to print plain TXT files without Microsoft Word

The program’s internal engine can now process plain text files on its own. 2Printer used to need Microsoft Word (or Open Office Writer, Libre Office Writer) to be able to print text files. Now it doesn’t!

Options for Microsoft Word files: Show or Hide Changes and comments (Show Markup) and Enable or Disable Macros

Show or Hide Changes and comments (Show Markup). Microsoft Word has a Markup Mode, which allows you to track changes, that anyone makes to the document: insertions, comments, deletions or formatting changes, etc. Now you don’t need to turn on/off Show Markup for each Word document before printing. You can adjust it for all the files in 2Printer 5.3 INI-file editor - before the print session. Enable or Disable Macros. Microsoft Word documents can have macros - scripts created to automate frequent tasks (e.g. insert current date or name). In 2Printer 5.3 you can adjust it in the INI-file editor as well: enable or disable macros made for these DOC (DOCX) files just before printing.


Autorotation component for AutoCAD DWG and DXF files

2Printer is capable of printing technical drawings, blueprints and layouts. DWG, DXF file formats are commonly used to create professional drawings. We fixed the autorotation feature for these documents - now the drawings are properly autorotated according to their page format.

Free version

2Printer command-line tool is free for non-commercial purposes and available for download: www.cmd2printer.com/download Learn more about 2Printer at: www.cmd2printer.com

Commercial version

A commercial licence of 2Printer costs $149. You can find more details here: www.cmd2printer.com/order Volume discounts are available starting from 5 or more licence copies. We also provide Enterprise license (by request).