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2Printer 5.2: Optimize printing of PDF documents, text files and drawings

2Printer is an advanced printing software which lets you batch print PDF documents, popular image files and other types of files.

Once installed, 2Printer works via the Command Prompt interface. It is the command-line that you launch from the Windows Start menu or with the 'Win+R' hotkey.

You can also create CMD, BAT, Visual Basic or other script files and add them to Windows Task Scheduler. This will allow you to automate your tasks in full. You can also print all documents from a selected folder and/or at a specific time.

2Printer uses its own engine to print PDF and image files: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PCX, DCX, Bitmap and TGA. No additional software is required to print them. As for other 70+ types of files supported, 2Printer needs the corresponding software installed, e.g. you will need Microsoft Word or similar software (OpenOffice, Libre Office, etc.) for printing TXT, RTF, DOC, DOCX files.

2Printer is easily integrated into any business environment and is compatible with any printers: local, network or virtual, such as Universal Document Converter.

What’s new?


New PDF printing engine

We’ve improved the printing engine core of 2Printer in terms of quality and speed. With the new version you get smooth printing and better image quality without distortion for files in PDF format. Printing goes faster: with the new engine, traffic load on network printers memory (RAM) and local office network has been about 2.5 times less.

New component for Microsoft Outlook MSG and EML files printing automation

Now you can enable or disable printing attachments and email headers for Outlook messages. By default, 2Printer prints attachments and email header information. Email header contains fields ‘From’, ‘Sent’ (date and time), ‘To’, ‘CC’, ‘BCC’, ‘Subject’ and ‘Attachments’. You don’t need to have MS Outlook or another email client installed to print *.msg and *.eml files with 2Printer.


Improved component for printing DWG and DXF drawings

We’ve improved 2Printer functionality for DWG and DXF drawings. Now they are printed out correctly and without quality loss. 2Printer can also import your CTB (color-dependent plot style) settings into the drawings.

Improved component for DOC, DOCX, RTF, MHT and TXT files printing automation

Work with files in DOC, DOCX, RTF MHT and TXT formats faster. The processing of these types of files has been improved in the new version.

Free version

2Printer command line tool is free for non-commercial purposes and available for download: www.cmd2printer.com/download

Learn more about 2Printer at: www.cmd2printer.com

Commercial version

A commercial licence of 2Printer costs $149. You can find more information here: www.cmd2printer.com/order

Volume discounts are available starting from 5 or more licence copies purchased.
We also provide Enterprise license (by request).