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Automate Printing of Microsoft Word and Excel Files in Server Environment with 2Printer 5.1

We have just released a new version of our command line batch printing tool 2Printer - 2Printer 5.1. This version features working from Windows service, changing between printing modes - color and grayscale and simplex and duplex. We've also added support for printing Outlook Express EML files with attachments.

Calling 2Printer from Windows Service

Using Microsoft Word and Excel API from Windows service can be tricky. 2Printer 5.1 simplifies the process of printing automation on server. All you need to do is to call 2Printer as in this example:

2Printer.exe -s "C:\In\*.DOC" -prn "Xerox 2050"

Printing in Different Modes

With 2Printer 5.1 you can set specific printing modes each time the program is called. That gives great flexibility and convenience. You don't need to change these modes in printer settings.

So now you can change printing color mode. 2Printer supports color and grayscale.

You can also change between simplex (single-sided) and duplex (double-sided) printing modes. If you don't use "-duplex" parameter, 2Printer will use settings from printer. If you need to print single-sided use parameter "-duplex none". If you need to print double-sided you you can parameters "-duplex vertical" or "-duplex horizontal".

Here are examples that show how to use these two new features:

2Printer.exe -s "C:\In\*.*" -prn "Xerox 2050" -grayscale
2Printer.exe -s "C:\In\*.*" -prn "Xerox 2050" -color
2Printer.exe -s "C:\In\*.*" -prn "Xerox 2050" -duplex vertical
2Printer.exe -s "C:\In\*.*" -prn "Xerox 2050" -duplex none

Printing EML Files with Attachments

Some of the features that we add to our programs are inspired by users requests. And this is one of them. In 2Printer 5.1 we are introducing a new component to assist printing of EML files along with attached documents.

User Feedback

We are getting many positive reviews of 2Printer from our users. Today we'd like to share with you a little quote from Shane Fuoss:

2Printer has saved me several hours of development because I didn't need to deal with Adobe reader commands to try to print PDFs. 2Printer has worked flawlessly for automatically printing PDFs. Thank you for your and your teams work in developing this application!
Shane Fuoss, USA

Personal and Business Use

2Printer is free for non-commercial use and is available to download at: www.cmd2printer.com/download

A commercial license is required for business use and is available to order from: www.cmd2printer.com/order

Updates for Customers

2Printer 5.1 is available as a free update for customers who bought 2Printer within the past 6 months. Other customers can get a new version with a 50% discount. Follow this link to request the software update: www.print-conductor.com/support