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Script Printing Routines using 2Printer Command Line Tool Version 4.8!

The office environment requires advanced document workflow solutions, including printing resources. Office workers may encounter challenges caused by a large variety of file formats and the limited number of applications able to automate printing process.

2Printer has proved to be one of the most efficient command line printing solutions. It is widely used by IT professionals, software developers and anyone who needs to print a large number of documents. 2Printer can print unlimited number of documents, images, presentations, drawings, scans, etc.

Command line syntax is very simple and looks like:

2Printer.exe -s "C:\Documents\*.*" -prn "Xerox 2050"

2Printer command line tool is recognized and can be used with any printers – desktop and virtual ones. When it's necessary to change the file format of specific documents to PDF before their physical printing, 2Printer should be used in combination with a virtual printer such as Universal Document Converter. So, regardless of the file format, file size and number of documents, 2Printer will significantly simplify document printing.

2Printer version 4.8 has been enriched with more file formats: PostScript PS, EPS, Autodesk Design Review and EML message files. Developers have also improved printing components for OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, HTML and MHT documents.

2Printer Licensing

Free version of 2Printer 4.8 is available at:

Commercial license for business usage costs $149 and can be purchased at:

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