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2Printer Can Be Used with Windows PowerShell

In May 2020, Rich Turner, representative of Microsoft, urged his followers to stop using Command Prompt (cmd.exe) because he thinks it is outdated. Instead, he suggests using PowerShell – another command-line interface (CLI) tool available in Windows. 

Please be advised that you can run all 2Printer commands from PowerShell, including Windows PowerShell 5, 6, and 7. That means you can print multiple files from PowerShell the same way as from CMD.

With 2Printer, you can also fully automate the printing of files using PS1, BAT, VBS, and other scripts. In fact, 2Printer works fine no matter which command-line interpreter or interface you're using. So if you're planning to switch from CMD to using PowerShell, all commands related to 2Printer will work as expected.

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